1. Make a good first impression!
    It's important that you are the only one in your first picture otherwise the girl checking you out might find the other men more attractive than you. This picture should show off your best features. Be dressed casual but nice, be doing something sporty, but most importantly show your face! No helmets, sunglasses, or hats of any kind.
  2. Show you have friends
    After establishing what you look like it's a good idea to show your social side. This shows that you're likable and have a social life.
  3. keep your family out of it!!!
    While it's a good idea to have pictures of you with other people it isn't a good idea to have pictures of you with your family. She will feel like things are moving too quickly before even meeting you. No pictures with mom. No pictures with small children. No ones trying to find a baby daddy on tinder.... Hopefully.
  4. No died things!
    You holding up a dead animal is not a good way to introduce yourself to someone. Many girls like a guy that hunts. A man that provides is sexy but it's better to bring it up through conversation than pictures. Dead things make you look like a serial killer. Girls are particularly prone to danger on sites like this and see dead animals as a warning sign to stay away.
  5. Animals
    It has caught on that putting up a picture of yourself with a cute animal makes a big difference on tinder. Girls begin to see you as a nurturer and like to see that you have a soft side. Your choice in what animal you take a picture with will affect which kind of girls you attract. As a warning though, I know a ton of girls that meet up with tinder guys for their dogs and just ignore the guy the whole time. That's a real thing.
  6. Vehicles
    Some women are into fast cars, motor cycles, and boats but don't put up a picture that you're not in. Maybe you're leaning against your nice car looking into the distance wearing a pair of sun glasses. If you're not in the picture then there is no proof that that motor cycle is even yours. Take a picture of yourself in the front seat holding two helmets as an invitation for her to join you on a ride.
  7. Showing off the goods
    There are right and wrong ways to show that you have a great body. Rather than taking a topless photo in a poorly lit bathroom, put up a nice beach photo. You being half naked should be appropriate for the situation you were in when you took the picture. Are you a swimmer? Go for it! Shirts against skins on the soccer field? Sexy! In your boxers in your bedroom in front of your childhood bed? Weird.
  8. Hobbies
    If you've got a sexy hobby, girls want to know. A lot of girls are attracted to sporty and/or artsy guys. If you're a Hiker, football player, guitar player, pianist, etc it's worth showing off! The best way to do that is to get an action shot of you actually doing it. Don't put up a picture of you just holding up a ukulele.
  9. tats
    This rule is the same as "showing off the goods". If you can't show them in a natural setting- just don't. Pictures of just your tattoos are boring and borderline strange. Show that you have them in a normal pic.