Places I want to visit❤️

My dream holiday list...
  1. Hawaii
    To be honest, I actually just want to move there☀️❤️it's so beautiful and sunny - I love it!
  2. Santorini, Greece
    The blue seas and beautiful buildings. I would love to have a long holiday there🙏
  3. New York
    Because who doesn't want to go to New York?? I've been there when I was little but I don't think it counts if you don't remember it😂
  4. New Orleans
    All the history and amazing things to see there😻
  5. Bora Bora
    The floating villas is reason enough🌊
  6. Los Angeles
    I think I have a mild obsession with America🙈
  7. San Fransisco
    I've always wanted to visit since I started watching charmed when I was younger omg😂😂
  8. Rome
    How amazing would it be to wander through Rome?? It's just so beautiful❤️