1. Get waken by my wonderful father
  2. Lay in bed for a wile just after agreeing to go to the shower, but only for like a second. 😬
  3. Just as I'm climbing out of bed, I here "Sophia get out of bed!"
  4. Pretend I was already out of bed and hurry to the shower
  5. Shower
  6. Go to the kitchen where my dad has prepared a beautiful breakfast
  7. Sheepishly say I'm not hungry
  8. Do random stuff, or some times I'll consider packing my lunch like in supposed to ugh 🙄
  9. My dad yells at me to pack my lunch, and j obey
  10. Get her my stuff and drive to school
  11. Get to school and have your average day at a middle school the best picture to describe it would be this one:
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  12. Get home
  13. Eat something
  14. Go give my dad a big home
  15. Ask were mom is: she's at work always so, not sure why I ask
  16. Finish home wotk
  17. Play with my mom and dad
  18. Go to bed