This list can include, people with some sort of great skill, or multiple great skills, people that have done great things, or people on the list app that you or I love.
  1. Regina spektor
    She is both an amazing person and, in my opinion the greatest, most talented singer/songwriter of all time.
  2. Giphy
    He is not only great to me, but also a wonderful person to everyone around him. He is also an incredibly talented computer programmer, not to mention he works for the greatest company of all time (Apple).
  3. Giphy
    She is a wonderful person, a great friend, and an avid cheese lover!
  4. Tom waits
    He is a talented singer/songwriter, and great on interviews.
  5. Tony shalube
    He is an amazing actor, and is in one of my favorite shows of all time (monk)!
  6. Ellen degeneres
    She has done a lot of good, and is a very kind person.
  7. Michele Obama
    She has done so much good, and she is a wonderful person.
  8. Giphy
    This is my mommy who I love, she is so nice, and has done son much good for me and everyone she meets.
  9. Portia de Rossi
    She is a great actor, sometime after watching her in arrested development I have a lot of trouble remembering that she is actually a good person.
  10. Tim Cook
    He is so wonderful, I love him. He has done so much good for our environment and also is the CEO of the greatest company on the planet!
  11. Oprah
    She is not only very funny, but also has done a lot of good.
  12. Brad bird
    He has directed some of the greatest movies of all time, like for instance the incredibles, and the iron giant.
  13. I can't believe Sophia forgot her beloved sister!!! She is not only an amazing sister and a crazy talented person, but also the best human ever. And so on and so forth. Like such as.
    Suggested by @imc