So hi I'm Maïa Sophia's friend (ahem greatest of friends I might add) and I have no idea how this works so bare with me
  1. Here I am
    Forgive me for this awful picture I had to take this awkwardly because Sophia has no pictures of me on her phone. *cries forever but not really*
  2. So Sophia's in rehearsals and I've taken over her phone
    There she is you can't see her face but trust me that's her
  3. So back to me! Because that's what's important here right! (Again just kidding)
    I come from the planet glordoff and I'm here to represent my planet.
  4. Actually I'm french
    But I think sometimes people think I im just here to represent my country all the time
  5. Like if someone says French or France or Paris and I see heads go
  6. But anyways I don't really know what to say hello I guess I hope you all have wonderful days!