ME and My Cat Went Climbing!

  1. Hi this me: (I'm in a tree)
  2. This is my cat: (also in a tree)
    Don't worry he got himself out of that precarious predicament
  3. By that I mean:
    He jumped down
  4. Here he is climbing a knew tree
    He's hiding isn't it cute
  5. Isn't he sweet
  6. Sorry these photos were taken by me wile in a tree
  7. Cute!
  8. Mid meow
  9. Sometimes he can't figure out how to get down so he climbs up further. its super cute
  10. He's watching the cars go by
    What a little spy
  11. He's coming back down now
  12. Aww he came back to me
  13. Never mind time for another little rest
  14. His paws got so dirty
  15. Here's us together when he came back to me
  16. We are working out down now, but of corse we have to stop and at each branch and check it out
  17. Oh never mind back up the tree
  18. He sat up there for a long time so I had some fun
  19. He is just so cute
  20. There's me balancing he balanced next to me
  21. He is just so cute
  22. We had a doggy visited he got do nervous
  23. I love this cat
  24. He finally got down
  25. There's me hanging one handed from a branch ready to jump
  26. I'm down
  27. We're heading home now
  28. Here are a few photos of us on the road
  29. There's the kitty in the basket
  30. And one more
  31. P.S. Sorry for borrowing your bike @imc. I love you