1. Maïa:
    "Did you know they took out the relist button on list app!"
  2. Me:
  3. Maïa:
    "Yeah it's the stupidest thing ever!"
  4. Me:
    "I can't imagine anything worse". . *not true* *not true* *not true*
  5. Maïa:
    "Yeah it's dumb, now I can't resist the great lists"
  6. Me:
    "Yeah that's too bad"
  7. Maïa:
    "Plus when your dad( @gwcoffey ) relists my lists get like fifty more likes"
  8. .
  9. List app guy bring back the relist button, so poor soles like Maïa can get more likes.
  10. I love you @MaiaLS