I have spent a long time trying to get this list to be perfect so sorry @imc, for taking so long
  1. Cars two
    I did not like cars two at all, if I didn't know it was Pixar, I would have guessed that it was just another Disney sequel that got released strait to dvd.
  2. Monsters university
    This one was like twenty five notches only cars two, but was defiantly not there best work. I didn't really like it at all.
  3. Cars one
    Cars one was much better than monsters university, I thought it was great, it's just not one of my favorites.
  4. The good dinasour
    This movie was visually stunning, and it was a very good plot, plus I love dinosaurs. But it, like cars one just wasn't one of my favorites.
  5. A bugs life
    I love a bugs life, it was so good, plus the grasshoppers hand motions were based off of Steve jobs, witch makes me laugh. And plus it was a favorite as a child, and now, so it was hard to put it in the spot of the ranking, but remember, I think all Pixar movies are great (except cars two, and monsters university), it's just a matter of witch ones I love more.
  6. Finding Nemo
    This is where it gets hard, I love finding Nemo, I love love LOVE finding Nemo, I just love the rest of then slightly more.
  7. Toy story two
    I loved all the toy story's, but my least favorite one was definitely number two.
  8. Monsters inc.
    I loved this movie so much, it was so cool. I remember watching a video on how they animated their fur with my dad when I was like seven, and that's when I started liking Pixar, not the the extent that I do now, but at that point I started caring weather a movie was Pixar or Disney. Plus I also just love the movie
  9. The incredibles
    This was just the greatest super hero movie of all time.
  10. Ratatouille
    This was an amazing movie, I love cooking, and it was just super wonderful
  11. Up
    This movie was amazing! Super sweet, and Carl is so sweet, I can't believe I almost forgot it.
  12. Inside out
    This movie was so beautiful, and scientifically fairly accurate, not the details, like obviously there aren't little people in your head. But they got the key concepts right, and easy to grasp for kids.
  13. Wall.E
    This was one of the most beautiful movies of all time, I loved the plot, and I loved the characters.
  14. Toy story one
    This was an amazing movie (obviously) and it was the first feature length Pixar movie.
  15. Toy story three
    I know people will probably be mad at me for saying this one was better than the original, but it was just a notch better. I loved it so so much.
  16. Brave
    I know this one got bad reviews. According to rotten tomatoes it is the third word Pixar movie. But I love brave. Merida is my role model, I love her son much. And I don't think the plot twist was "silly". I loved it. Plus it's good for children to learn the value of parent child relationships, and that just because you fight doesn't mean it's beyond repair. In the past princes movies, have he mother as a villain. But in brave it starts out that way, but it shows that it is worth fixing.