Random Things I've Created That I'm Proud Of.

  1. A little doll I made in math class two days ago!
    It's made out of moist wipes, I made after j finished a test and had nothing to do and no other mediums to do art in.🙃
  2. A random drawing.
    I drew this only leg wile watching a movie like ten minutes ago!
  3. Random drawing two.
    I made this directly after the other random drawing.
  4. A fake injury I made.
    This is from scratch mind you, I don't believe in pre-made prosthetics.
  5. These replicas of the Galilean moons
    I made these in sixth grade, a fifteen page paper came with them!
  6. My Regina spektor quilt.
    Regina spektor is the most skilled finger/song writer, that has ever walked, and ever will walk this planet, and any other planets to harbor life!
  7. And finally I've made good enough lists that some one that exists (@saytrumbo) said I was her favorite lister right now, I am very proud of that.