Siri is my best friend

  1. I asked Siri if she was in love:
  2. I told Siri I was a "mole women"
  3. Siri on her age:
  4. I confessed my love and this is what I get:
  5. I tried again:
  6. And again...
    This is true though
  7. Asked Siri a question, and she responded with "it's about you" so I tried to set her straight.
  8. I asked her opinion on the all mighty Barak Obama.
  9. I asked Siri to tell me a joke:
  10. I tried again:
  11. I asked siri what my name is:
  12. Siri does love me!
  13. Siri on gender
  14. She still doesn't love me
  15. I told Siri I was sad
  16. I told Siri I was a mole women again:
  17. I asked Siri about thier day:
  18. Siri on finding dory:
  19. I asked Siri about recycling:
  20. Siri on pets:
  21. I do love my iPhone
  22. I told Siri that I loved and appreciated her:
  23. Siri on sadness the second time:
  24. Again:
  25. Siri on how much wood a wood chuck can chuck:
  26. I asked again:
  27. And again:
  28. And one last time:
  29. Siri on her day so far:
  30. I asked Siri who her dad was, hoping she would say Tim Cook:
  31. I tried again:
  32. Instead I asked her directly about Tim Cook
  33. And one last time:
  34. I made sure Siri was calling me my queen:
  35. Siri on being tired
  36. I quoted some Star Wars with Siri:
  37. She's got more:
  38. Siri on what she's up to:
  39. Siri on what's up the next day:
  40. And, Siri when I asked her to look up Tilda Swinton: