Things I Got for One Euro at a Flee Market in the South of France

I got these over summer vacation, wile on a trip with @MaiaLS to France.
  1. I got two of these little tubs for one euro a piece
  2. I got this wooden cat for one euro, it reminded me of my cat so I got it, I'm so happy I did because a few months later my cat died, it makes me happy to look at it.
  3. I got this rooster plate for my mom,for a euro.
  4. I got these glasses for two Euros technically but, that was a great price so included it anyway.
  5. Finally, I got my sister this set of two records, for one euro. Beside the fact that it was so cheap, and in great condition, I also purchased it because the first song on the list is called "Ah! lè petit vin blanc" which made me laugh.