1. My best friend Maïa
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  2. Making fake injuries
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  3. My Dady
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  4. My sissy
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  5. My kittens
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  6. The one and only Tim Cook
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  7. Regina Spector
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  8. Bisco
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  9. I don't know why but this picture just cracks me up...
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  10. Broccoli
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  11. Snuggles
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  12. When you realize something obvious and you get caught in a momentary state of amazement...
  13. Butter
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  14. Potty humor
  15. Mommy
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  16. Talking to inanimate objects
  17. Star wars
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  18. Butterfinger milkshakes
  19. Understanding things (it becomes appreciated when your the youngest)
  20. The Big Bang (I owe a lot to it)
  21. This emoji 🤑
  22. When something great happens
  23. Looking back and realizing you have amazing parents
  24. When you save your money for months and than you realize you have made literally no progress...so you spend it all on candy from the circle k down the street
  25. Spending money
  26. Cheese
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  27. Reading this list
  28. My book of happiness (it's full of people smiling from all over the world)
  29. Astronomy
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  30. Harry Potter
  31. Lord of the rings
  32. Being scared
  33. Noses
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  34. Pancakes
  35. —————————
  36. P.S. This is in no specific order