Things That Annoy ME

You're welcome to comment on your view in the matter...but don't expect me to read them because these aren't up for debate.
  1. Opposites😠
  2. Ties that are to short❌😎
  3. When people say they are going to "plus" or "minus" two numbers. There's a reason the good sensed people of our past made the words add and subtract. 🙄
  4. The "real world" examples that are in science text books. Sometimes I wonder if the people that write these things live in the real world.🤔
    I always get distracted trying to figure out what could possibly lead to they're examples happening
  5. When cars play super loud music and all you can here is the noise from base subwoofers.😁
  6. The star wars prequel😶🔫
  7. Samsung😷
  8. The style guide we use in America for writing, especially when it pertains to quotations. 😤