What I'm Up to Right Now

  1. Hello it's me!
  2. It's Sunday and my sister is out of town
  3. And my parents...
  4. So I am partying by myself.
  5. Step 1 to the Sophia party:
    Gather up some friends:
  6. Step 2:
    For a proper party you need a drink: an Arnold Palmer is my personal favorite.
  7. Step 3:
    Put on something to watch: arrested development.
  8. Step 4:
    Your going to need some food...what should I get...
  9. Aha!
    Something healthy...
  10. Step 5:
    Sort through your star wars stuff (The majority of which is boxes that once contains Star Wars themed snacks.)
  11. Cut the characters out to put in your Star Wars corner.
  12. Step 6:
    Make some outfits for the paper doll versions of your cats.