1. Here is the definition of "opposite": a person or thing that is totally different from or the reverse of someone or something else. (Key word TOTALLY-synonymous with completely, entirely)
  2. Thing one (not the blue haired red clad Doctor sues versions of Fred and George, and merry and pippin, but rather piece of evidence number one): in order for something to be opposite of something else it would have to be completely different from the other thing, witch could never happen.
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    And this is not possible, take "good" and "bad" for example. Besides the obvious similarities, they are both personality traits, both non-physical, etc. these two adjectives (another similarity) have a lot more in common, or at least not completely different than meets the eye. Though good could be described as reputable, and bad as disreputable, witch are seemingly opposites, if you break these down further, than you'll see that there is more in common than you might think.
  3. This is a continuation of the last bullet point: Reputable and disreputable are both adjectives, both are descriptive of a persons reputation, both make me think of reptiles, and on and on and on and on.
  4. If you will let me view words numerically for a second, and put two "opposite" adjectives on a number line. Let's use cowardice, and bravery. Let's put cowardice on point -10, and bravery at +10, and than your average person at 0.
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    Other than that they are both numbers, they also are similar in that they, in addition if you combine any number with -1 a certain number of times, it moves that number to the left in increments of 1, as does +1 only to the right. Side note: supposing opposites DO exist, (witch they don't) and -1 IS the opposite of +1 and the same is for -10 and +10, than would kind of cowardly be the opposite of kind of brave? I think Probably.
  5. As far as "opposites" that you can experience, or pick up, or manipulate, these are easier to disprove because you can study and measure them. For example night and day among other things, are caused by the same object (the sun). Wet and dry, are just absence or the presence of water.
    And the most obvious, hog cold, beyond the scientific reasons as to why hot and cold aren't opposites, saying that cold is the opposite of hot, is saying that one degree is the opposite of one hundred degrees witch is essentially the same as saying that one inch is the opposite as one hundred inches, or a ruler is the opposite of a yard stick. Witch is of course nonsense.
  6. Ok so there might be holes in those of theories, but either way the following bit of evidence, is indisputable.
  7. If in some horrible dystopian universe, two completely different items somehow exist, they are still not opposites, because by being opposites they are linked. By being opposites they have something in common. They are both each others opposite. Witch is clearly contradictory.
    thus first grader me couldn't stand doing the opposite work at school, because opposites didn't and don't make sense, and quite frankly made me angry.