1. Impressed by the accuracy of @andy 's profile picture. He smiles like that 99% of the time.
  2. Intrigued by @spac3zine 's screen name. Thinks he should make a list of the reasons why he chose it.
  3. Would like to donate shoes to @FCheever 's Daniel. He would have a much better time at bars. But @FCheever 's lists would be less fun. Dilemma.
  4. @sogol is visiting Napa in July?! How exciting. But for a half-marathon?! How less exciting.
  5. Thought someone was spamming me with a virus when I first got this invite. Sorry, @charlie . It was @FCheever 's fault for not explaining until, literally, 10 hours later.
  6. Feeling intimidated by the funny lists I am browsing through. This might therefore be the last thing I will ever list on here.
  7. I lied. I am now also intimidated by the facts that these list titles ALL SEEM TO BE YELLING AT YOU.