I've been procrastinating publishing my first list, so this request from @ladyprofessor was just the bump I needed to get started on one. Inspired by the podcast that rules my time and energy, here are some Sorta Awesome things!
  1. Weather warm enough to wear sandals in November.
    Socks are the bane of my existence. Every day that goes by with highs high enough to keep me in sandals is another day of awesome reprieve.
  2. Any non-water beverage to get me through a Diet Coke fast.
    I'm in the midst of a month-long break from my long-time partner in crime (against general health and wellbeing) - Diet Coke. I'm really bad at water, so things like kombucha and Bhakti chai are saving my life right now.
  3. iZombie
    Listen, I HATE zombie stuff, but we found this little series on Netflix and it's cute! And highly entertaining.
  4. Roasted Brussels Sprouts
    How can a food that smells so horrible when roasting taste so divine when eating?! Riddle me this.
  5. The Oxford Comma
    I can't, won't, and needn't stop.
  6. Little boys in overalls.
    No, but seriously.
  7. Kids in cotton pajamas.
    Winter is coming, and my kids in their jammies is the only good thing about it.
  8. Aveeno BB Cream
    Can't stop talking about it. Where has it been all my life?!
  9. Shapewear leggings.
    If you need further explanation, these are not for you.
  10. The community of Sorta Awesome
    Hundreds of women who show up every day in the most sparkly awesome way. Just a true DELIGHT. (Facebook : Sorta Awesome Hangout)