1. Onyx13
    Age 11. The very first! I didn't know what onyx was. This was later an issue in chat rooms.
  2. ARAS85
    Age 12. My name spelled backwards! How clever!
  3. TommyG8513
    Age 13. Because who wasn't obsessed with Tommy Hilfiger in 1997?
  4. Sk8nSkaGal
    Age 14. It was a rouse. I didn't even skate. But boy did I love ska!
  5. XGlowstickChickX
    Age 15. So aspirational!
  6. justXsara
    Age 18. Got to college and realized I never had a nickname! Just Sara. Poor Sara.
  7. s0sarasaid
    Age 22. This one stuck and is now my online moniker for everything.