Notes as I become a party planner
  1. "Manhattan Cleaners"
  2. Do it at the dentist building for rent on south of MacArthur Park?
  3. Real estate questions: 48-hour prorated subleases
  4. Religious iconography
  5. Giant business landscape tarps creating enclosures for dancing, sex, hangouts
  6. Sound equipmenf
  7. DJ's
  8. Every 3 weeks? Wednesday's?
  9. Murphy's ranch - Topanga Canyon
  10. South of the 10
  11. Vernon area?
  12. Trashy real estate we can pro-rate for two days
  13. Imitation via text message only, NO PHOTOS NO SHARING INFORMATION
  14. Jenny and Matt will help (basically we start a bar that moves from trashy office building to back of a bodega to other derelict..)