I know it's s little early but you've got to get your letter to Santa before the big rush...
  1. My mom back. Lost her last year and seem to miss her more than ever.
  2. A day without crying.
  3. A little more detailed plan on future. Feeling lost without direction stinks.
  4. A vacation to the beach, mountains, Europe...anywhere really.
  5. A day without having to answer my dad with Alzheimer's Disease where my mom is and when she's coming home. I hate starting the day with tear stained eyes.
  6. New boots, clothes...retail therapy does help me through the long nights.
  7. Of course, world peace!
  8. For @john and Keith Urban to tour during 2016 anywhere near Mississippi.
  9. To thank @john and Keith for their amazing music that my mom and I listened to during her six month stay in the hospital.
  10. A teddy bear. You can never have too many!
  11. To find the happiness I once had.
  12. Books. Actual books that are leather bound and not on a Kindle or ereader. Yes I am nerd and I'm old school.
  13. Laptop! That runs faster than my dinosaur.
  14. A big surprise!
  15. After all, I've been a very good girl this year!