Although many of these won't last more than a few weeks or months, here goes...
  1. I will learn to knit or crochet or at least create something people won't be embarrassed to have n their house.
  2. I will return to my painting. I've stepped back from it for a few years, but I think it's time to let some of my emotions out creatively.
  3. I will control my temper more and be more patient with my dad with Alzheimer's.
  4. I will be neater. This is a big stretch because a can invade any space or room in a matter of minutes.
  5. I will be more organized--not just organized chaos.
  6. I'll try to break down the barriers around my heart I put up after my mom to protect myself mentally and emotionally.
  7. I will be more active--not like getting into weight training or marathon running--but to be a more healthier me.
  8. Strive to be a better person, friend, while showing kindness to others.