Things that help me stay focused
  1. You are not a dog
    You dont reward yourself with food
  2. Water smokes and cold diet cokes
    Thats what pretty girls are made of
  3. You must want sucess more than you want anything else
    Hell more people want to sleep more than they want sucess
  4. Its not 'I want to eat but I can't'
    Its 'I can eat but I don't want to'
  5. Gluttony is a deadly sin
    Im blessed enough as it is
  6. If it was easy, everyone would do it
  7. Beautiful things don't ask for attention
    They capture it
  8. Prove them wrong
  9. Do aerobics untill you pass out
    Not litterally but it drives you
  10. If you dont eat it, take a photo making people think you do
  11. Chemicals over calories
  12. Mind over body
  13. Dont compare yourself to others
    You limit yourself to their limits