im a model. In no particular order just want to see if i can write all my crazy rules down.
  1. Must drink 3 cups of tea before consuming food
    Aka breakfast
  2. Everything must be noncarbonated, as it results in bloating
    Or really close, like day old soda
  3. No peanuts
    I have a sensitivity and my face swells
  4. 'Close day' at 7
    Unless going out late to 'party'
  5. No alcohol consumption
    Makes me grey and bloated due to water retention
  6. Minimum sodium intake
    Get bloated due to water intake
  7. No meat
    Im a vegitarian
  8. Nothing greasy
    Sensitive stomach. Aka no chinese food, fried food-other than some fries
  9. No 'wasteful' calories
    Must have high nutritional benefits like an avacado
  10. Must take vitamins to make up for lack of nutrition
    Daily vitamin gummies + biotin: keeps hair/nails growing and healthy
  11. Sweets better fuckin be gum or a protein bar
    Makes your noxious stomach acid breath less offensive and I get like no protein and i can eat chocolate woo!
  12. You cant eat out
    Resturants are expensive and youll feel the need to eat more and youll freak out from anxiety
  13. No smoking
    See 'no drinking'
  14. No drugs
    See no smoking or no drinking. Impacts your social life pretty much exactly like no going to resturants
  15. Take your meds
    They make you less crazy and your already crazy enough i mean look at this list
  16. Coffee is the only acceptable 'consumption' social activity
    Because i cant do anything else fun and its like no calories even though my water retention will go up
  17. Watch tv while you eat
    Its the only way i can distract myself enough to not freak out ab consuming calories
  18. No 'tums' or antiacids
    Make you bloat
  19. Theres litterally exceptions to every rule
    I have to seem normal so if i go out for food with friends i just get a drink or when someone i know almost dies i have a cigarette or hit my vape