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(my personal aesthetic, specifically)
  1. those stores with displays of kitchens and bathrooms everywhere
    (a good place to play hide-and-seek as a kid. Sometimes it seems like you'd be there all day, but you didn't mind. It's very bright in here.)
  2. when someone has 2 of the same breed of dog and the dogs look almost identical
    (best when spotted walking outside)
  3. shag carpet
    (for every room in my future house, especially the basement)
  4. when telephone lines and poles stretch beyond the horizon
    (preferably in a quiet place near nature or in a big clearing. No other people are around, or perhaps you're hiking with some friends and you are way ahead of the group and when you come across this you stare for a while. You are alone and you don't notice when your friends catch up to you after a few minutes.)
  1. Father's Day
  2. "World of Tomorrow" by Don Hertzfeldt is the best short film to watch when you are drunk at 3am and want to be sad 👌
  3. book shopping👽💫✨
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