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Not in order... That's too hard
  1. Freaks and geeks
    Sadly only one season long, this gem is hilarious at times and hits you right in the feels at others. The characters are great and it's relatable. The lack of a laugh track gives it a different feel from many comedy shows of its time. It is a tradition for me and my sister to rewatch the whole series every year during winter break, and it's just as good each time. This show was unfairly cancelled and has so much potential.
  2. Malcolm in the Middle
    Many TV shows, even great ones, start to get worse as they get to the end. This show however, stayed great right up to the last episode. This is one of those shows that you find yourself missing after you finish watching it. It's such a product of its time (early 2000s) and it's everything I could ask for from a funny show. You get very connected to these characters as they grow up in the showPlus most of the music, including the theme, was done by They Might Be Giants, one of my favorite bands.
  3. The Office
    I've never loved feeling secondhand embarrassment so much before and never shipped anyone as hard as I shipped Jim and Pam. Everyone knows these characters in real life. That's what makes you drawn to the show. This show is genius and my whole family loves it and watches it over and over- when the theme song comes on they all come in like moths drawn to a flame.
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My father is a man who hates many things. But here are some very unexpected things that he does not hate.
  1. Steve Harvey
    He watches family feud every night mostly to watch Steve Harvey.
  2. Mandolins
    His newest favourite instrument.
  3. Making fun of infomercials
    His favourite one is Teeter Hangups.
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Current obsessions and all time favourites. I will probably keep adding to this list.
  1. Genmaicha
    If you don't know what this is it's green tea with toasted rice. I've heard it described as "grassy" and "nutty" before. And the smell is amazing too. This is my current obsession. Like Kukicha, this was also a poor persons tea. The rice was added as filler to bring down the price. It is also a favourite of tea connoisseurs now. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. Lapsang Souchong
    A Chinese smoked black tea. It has a really unique smoky flavor and it's strong as all hell. A good tea for mornings.
  3. Kukicha
    This tea was made from the twigs of the camellia sinensis plant for people who were too poor to afford tea made from the leaves. Ironically it is now coveted by tea connoisseurs which I find hilarious. Also it's a damn good tea.
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  1. Keep my room clean enough to at least see the floor, and so it's not a safety hazard
  2. Get my drivers license
  3. Start cutting hair for money
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  1. Elephant ear
  2. Jasmine
  3. Staghorn fern
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  1. 1.
    All American Drive In, Massapequa, NY
  2. 2.
    Five Guys
  3. 3.
    Shake Shack
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No... Not THAT kind of mushrooms. Don't do drugs kids
  1. Rhodotus Palmatus (wrinkled peach)
  2. Amanita Muscaria (Fly Agaric)
  3. Laccaria Amethystina (Amethyst Deceiver)
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In no particular order
  1. Blastoise
  2. Porygon
  3. Umbreon
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  1. a bag full of large sticks
    I found them on a walk in the woods. I was bringing them home for my lizard's tank.
  2. a lamp
    It was awesome... It glowed in the dark... I saw it at goodwill and couldn't pass it up the lights on the train kept going off, and all you could see when that happened was the lamp glowing.
  3. a wall shelf and a bike basket full of giant plants
    My girlfriends family had a shelf they weren't using, and I happened to need a shelf. We had gone to the garden store that day, and I needed a basket to carry my plants home in because the pots were falling apart. The only basket they had was a bike basket.
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