And the reasons why.
  1. a bag full of large sticks
    I found them on a walk in the woods. I was bringing them home for my lizard's tank.
  2. a lamp
    It was awesome... It glowed in the dark... I saw it at goodwill and couldn't pass it up the lights on the train kept going off, and all you could see when that happened was the lamp glowing.
  3. a wall shelf and a bike basket full of giant plants
    My girlfriends family had a shelf they weren't using, and I happened to need a shelf. We had gone to the garden store that day, and I needed a basket to carry my plants home in because the pots were falling apart. The only basket they had was a bike basket.
  4. a giant canvas with a painting of a post apocalyptic scene on it
    I was in a painting class. I had to carry that thing back and forth from school and home on the train once a week. The canvas doubled as a kite on windy days. It was a horrible experience.
  5. various pieces of a drum set
    My girlfriends family kindly donated an unused drum set to me, but I couldn't take it home all at once.
  6. a balloon tied to my backpack. Not weird by itself, but I was also wearing fuzzy batman pajama pants
    The balloon was from a birthday party, and the pajamas were because sometimes you are just too lazy to wear real pants.
  7. a frying pan found in the garbage
    This ones legitimately weird. I was dumpster diving to try and find good trash for my found-object drum set. I still haven't finished making that yet. I started when I was 16. I'm 22 now. Disappointing.
  8. an IKEA cart with an orchid
    We had gone to ikea, and I decided the commute with the cart would be easier if I just assembled it and rolled it home, rather than carrying the ridiculously heavy box. I also bought an orchid there. The combination kind of made me look like a lost elementary school art teacher.
  9. A giant potted palm tree on a razor scooter
    I often go to the flower district at closing time to snag the plants the stores throw out at the end of the day (which are often good, healthy plants with minor aesthetic flaws). That day I happened to snag a $100 value palm taller than myself, and had only a small bag and my razor scooter (my mode of transportation these days as I can't afford a folding bike) with me. The plant rode the scooter and I walked next to it, guided it along and held it upright. It was difficult.