I'll most likely a make another Things I'm Thankful For list later to balance out this one
  1. Donald Trump
    Hear me out, I'm thankful for the eye-opening election he has given us. I feel that some people needed a little shock (I'll admit myself included) for them to truly realize how much our country needs us. Too many Americans have become comfortable in the way things are and our drive for progress and equality has become a thing of edited history books.
  2. (con't)
    Since the election I've seen more people (again, myself included) pledge to become more involved and aware when it comes to politics. I'm hoping that this election has stirred enough people for our voices to be heard.
  3. 7th Grade
    Which is a terrible year for most but personally one of the worst years I will ever have. It was during this time that both my grandfather died and my stepmom moved out for about a year. Both of these events taught me lessons, gave me strength, and brought family closer together. My dad and my stepmom were able to work through their issues and now have a strong, happy marriage that makes me hold onto the idea true love is real. (I'm not going to talk about my grandfather, maybe in another list)
  4. Scott, the asshole that gave me a phony check for $900
    Obviously I'm still a little bitter over this one. So, backstory, this summer one of my best friends and I were looking to rent a place for this school year. Being young, naive, and stubborn we tried to do this mostly on our own and ended up in a bad place. Our parents immediately pulled us out and I scrambled to find subleasers for both our rooms (again: stubbornly and naively) and ended up taking a personal check.
  5. (con't)
    Which surprising none but me, was written from a closed account and did not go through. Again, Mom to the rescue, we managed to get a portion of the money back but only after a great deal of stress, tears, anxiety, and having to go to the fraudulent check office at the city's court offices. An expensive, stressful lesson but one I'll never forget.