1. I'm a people pleaser
  2. And a push over
  3. Especially at work
  4. Which I how I ended up with a shift this weekend, after my first final, even though I'm not supposed to start back until next weekend
  5. I agreed with the promise from my manager that I wouldn't have to close and got to go in at the later time
  6. Today I got a text from the other girl I'm working with asking if we could switch times
  7. And I said no, sorry I have finals.
  8. And she asked again.
  9. And I felt guilty but I said no and if it was any other time I'd usually be happy to take the extra hours
    And it's true! I always pick up shifts or switch out times and am happy to do it!
  10. But I feel bad so I'm trying to remind myself it's okay to say no and disappoint people sometimes.
  11. Anyway, I have a precalc final tomorrow wish me luck cause I'll need it!