Li.stroducing: My Keys

  1. Safety in style
    Doesn't look like much but it does feel a little better walking alone with something so easily in reach. Plus it's cute and fierce!
  2. USB
    What I save all my lab data on. It's a lot smaller than it looked online. I attached it to my keys so I don't loose it.
  3. Dorm key
  4. School mailbox key
  5. Friend's old apartment
    I lived with her for a summer. She's moved to to a new apartment but I've still got the key.
  6. House key
  7. Membership cards
    From left to right: movie theater, BiLo supermarket, Goodwill, public library, Petsmart, CVS
  8. Carabiner
    Homage to my home state NH and reminds me to stay safe on the road
  9. Another group shot:
  10. I lost my USB!! 💔 this guy now have my name and phone number on it and never leaves my sight
  11. Key to the theater while I'm stage managing.