I've been sitting quietly in shock and awe for the past few days trying to gather my thoughts and regain my bearings.
  1. "Trump's America" is something I cannot accept.
  2. I understand the call for respect and acceptance towards our new president-elect during the transfer of power but I refuse. There is nothing about this man I can respect.
  3. To those turning a blind eye to the effects of Trump's election: this is why we are not progressing as effectively as we could be. Racism, sexism, xenophobia, rape culture, and the many, many other terrible "isms" still exist.
  4. Yes, we have made strides. Yes, we have more equality than generations past. However, that does not, in anyway, disqualify the vast distance we still need to cover.
  5. You cannot deny the hateful backlash done in the name of our future leader.
  6. You cannot deny the cries and uproar across America, the desperate pleas to keep this man and his political team out of power.
  7. You cannot deny the real and absolute fear felt across the world.
  8. And I cannot deny this man has won the 2016 presidential election, but I will refuse to be silenced or afraid.
  9. I will speak up.
  10. I will become more involved, more aware.
  11. I will not lose hope that we can make America truly great, for everyone.
  12. I am more grateful than ever to be a part of this tight-knit community where hope and love and support is abundantly shared.