I'm a chronic procrastinator with anxiety. I'm trying.
  1. Return library books on time
    Movies too, but usually books. My library fines are usually about $15 at any time.
  2. Go to the bank
    I'm glad I live in a time when mobile banking exists.
  3. Get gas
    Once I ran out of gas on the way to the gas station.
  4. Spend less than $5 on coffee
    I have a problem and it's extra shot soy lattes
  5. Tell you how I actually feel
    What, you're not picking up the subtle hints I'm telepathically sending you?
  6. Dye my hair
    I'm constantly debating between growing it out and dying it again. My friends have said I look like a skunk. (More than once.)
  7. Finish assigned reading
    I don't have a reason for this one other than I have an issue with procrastination because I love reading. I'll read three books before I finish that chapter for class.