1. Notifications that are just spam
    Namely when waiting on an important reply. (e.g my professor with info about assisting him with research!)
  2. Signatures
    I'm not yet certified enough to have an automatic signature with all my fancy credentials (#goals) so I spend the majority of my time writing emails trying to think of a way to sign off
  3. Subject lines
    Too vague? Too detailed? Oh my god did I just send that and forget to write a subject
  4. Sending from the wrong account
    I have about four different emails that are all linked to my phone and just the other day I sent one to my professor (see above) from my old middle school account instead of my grown up and official school account 😵
  5. Attachments
    I've had to double send emails on more than one occasion because I forgot to upload the attachment. I also have to triple check I attached the right document.