1. Drama in the drama department
    We got "bumped" from the rehearsal space I reserved in advance through the correct faculty because we are a student run company and not the theater department. We were left to find another space ourselves and were not told of the change until we showed up for rehearsal. Bureaucracies prioritize connections over proper procedures.
  2. Drama pt. 2
    One of our actors nearly threatened another for NO REASON AT ALL. My director texted me after the incident so now we have to deal with that on a personal level and I have to talk to the cast about respect.
  3. Due dates
    Everything is due at once oh my god (and during the three days my dad is flying down to visit 🙃)
  4. I've barely talked to my friends in weeks
    We're in a really weird place and I don't like it but I'm tired of being the one to always let things slide and/or fix it so I'm trying to let them pick up some of the slack. We're supposed to hang out this weekend so hopefully things can be cleared up then.
  5. My computer is slowly killing itself and it's killing me
    I just bought this computer this past fall and the past few weeks it's started dropping the wifi or not connecting at all then freezing and restarting itself and yesterday it wouldn't turn back on. So today I finally called tech support and he had me do a factory reset but it's already not working again and I'm 😣
  6. Waking up everyday knowing our government is a mess and the future is foggy
    I'm screaming more externally about this one....
  7. Local