1. Netflix
    I finally started watching 30 Rock this semester and needless to say I love it. And I can totally multitask!
  2. Fire Drill
    Not my fault!!
  3. Got dinner
    Gotta fuel up
  4. Made tea
    A little caffeine booster as well as a comforting drink while writing
  5. CVS run!
    I was running desperately low on conditioner & toothpaste and the short walk around the block is a good way to stretch and clear my head
  6. Text my friends
    Mostly to complain about finals, sorry guys!
  7. Facebook
    Finals always brings out the best Facebook jokes (memes? I'm not really aware of these things, see above where I said I just stated watching 30 Rock)
  8. Staring at my open document wondering how the hell I'm going to write this
  9. Spotify
    Finding the perfect study playlist that's not distracting but not so boring that it doesn't keep you movin'
  10. Shower
    Now I can sleep in a few extra minutes because I know I'll be staying up all night
  11. Write this list!
    The gifs took so much more time than expected.
  12. I'm done so it's done