Favorite Things About My Brother on His Birthday

Today is my brother's 32nd birthday. Want to celebrate you, @ErdySouth!
  1. He is fiercely loyal
  2. He is a great dad
  3. He reads every one of my blog posts
  4. He loves movies as much as I do
  5. He loves pop culture
  6. He loves a wide variety of music such as Justin Timberlake, Jimmy Buffett, Guster, Daft Punk, Eminem
  7. He protects those he loves and won't let people hurt his loved ones
  8. He's a good driver :)
  9. He loves sports and really gets in to them
  10. He has a cute daughter
  11. His son is great and my god nephew!
  12. He has a cool wife
  13. He's my brother and even if he weren't I'd want to be his friend