Artists My Parents Were Into

Alternate title: Red Flags, Ignored. They broke up five years ago but haven't divorced. Sunny Von Bulow got a divorce and she was in a coma.
  1. William Wegman
    I still refer to this breed as "William Wegman dogs."
  2. Peter Arno
    Sexual, cynical cartoons. They're funny, but they are also very ouch. Did you know in the 1920s it was possible to make a whole career on boob jokes?
  3. Roz Chast
    She did an entire book about the hell of parenting and how bad raising children is. My parents kept it out on their coffee table.
  4. Diane Arbus
    If my parents saw someone weird in public, they would nudge each other and say "I'm having a Diane Arbus moment." Not once did they realize that to everyone else, the Diane Arbus moment was them.
  5. Hoyningen
    They had a huge framed poster of this and when people commented on it my mother would say she enjoyed the "sensual, erotic nature of the piece" which is why I've never enjoyed a single sexual experience to this day.
  6. Wayne Thiebaud
    Just pictures of nice cakes. Jesus.