I'm not a dad. I just like #dadmusic.
  1. Surrender (Damn the Torpedos)
    It just needed a little more backing. And maybe less fuchsia.
  2. Red River (Hypnotic Eye)
    Leaving toniiiiiight.
  3. Nightwatchman (Hard Promises)
    It tells a story! Hard Promises is a solid, solid album. Like an Elmore Leonard book set to music. "Yeah I got a permit/to wear this .38" But do you? Tom Petty was critiquing fragile masculinity before acid washed jeans went out the first time.
  4. This Old Town (Highway Companion)
    When you go home to visit, this is the only song to drive around to. The cover art and title for this album are dumb, but give it a chance.
  5. Change the Locks (She's the One)
    This movie suuuucked. But this track? 🔥🔥🔥 Tom's most angry by far. Is it about Stevie? Maybe. (Yes.)
  6. Got My Mind Made Up (Nobody's Children)
    Nobody says "Honey" like that. Nobody.