Pictures of Prince Edward Island Which Are Getting Me Through This Thesis Submission

I cried in an office building bathroom for twenty minutes yesterday like some kind of divorcee.
  1. Just look at the fog on this road.
    If you could take an early morning drive out here, when you came back the table of contents would be perfect.
  2. Such a relaxing view.
    I took this at the fish market in Rustico which has shellfish and lobsters and no topic sentences, not even of any kind.
  3. Lighthouses are all about safety
    Safety. Safety from things like my defense.
  4. This one has a 70s vibe I love.
    No one in this house would ever call your theoretical background "unfounded."
  5. The perfect swimming spot at Cavendish National Park.
    I'll never get the formatting right. I'll just float away into obscurity here.
  6. I took this picture from a drive in Stanhope.
    We were driving around looking for the convenience store with goats you can pet. Goats that don't care about your bibliography.
  7. But we found this lighthouse.
    This would be an amazing place to throw a party. With friends. Not in a library.