These are some things that I feel should just stop happening to anyone ever. Really? Just stop!!
  1. When ur sock slips down in your shoes while walking. Really? Just no you CRUEL SOCK MONSTER!!
  2. When ur parallel parking and someone honks at you. Really? It's pretty obvious what I'm doing can I just have a second to do it.
  3. Having to help an ex or their new significant other in a customer service setting. Really? Can you go anywhere else and can we just not do this.
  4. When the bag of food you are trying to open just blows up out of nowhere and food goes everywhere. Really? Why?! How does this even happen?! NOT THE FOOD, ANYTHING BUT THE FOOD!!!
  5. When someone's asks if you have seen a show, you respond with no, and they then tell you every spoiler alert ever!! Really? And you still say I should watch it, you just told me EVERYTHING!
  6. When you are watching a tv show and it starts to buffer in the last three minutes! Really? That's when shit is about to get real or reveal all the answers!!
  7. When you are talking and someone consistently keeps interrupting you or talking over you mid sentence. Really? Let me finish and then you will understand the answer to what you interrupted me to ask. I mean C'MON wait a second!!