1. Favorite authors
  2. Favorite books by favorite authors
  3. Favorite books by non-favorite authors
  4. Favorite first lines
  5. Favorite Markson lines
  6. Favorite last lines
  7. Favorite middle lines
  8. Top first line in a work of Wittgenstein
  9. Top Beckett lines most like a top first line in a work of Wittgenstein
  10. Top 10 songs on an 11-track album
  11. Top Barbara Kruger lines (I mean, appropriated texts)
  12. Literary choices made by Kathy Acker that Jean Baudrillard would disagree with
  13. How many f**ks I think Kathy Acker would give about my opinion re: Baudrillardian disagreements
  14. Favorite Gaddis lines
  15. Favorite Derridean lines
  16. Top reasons Markson and Gaddis are names and Derrida gets to become an adjective
  17. Reasons Marksonian won't work as an adjective
  18. Reasons Gaddisian or Gaddisesque won't work as an adjective
  19. Reasons to separate the Marksonian and Gaddisian or Gaddisesque reasonings re their adjectiveness
  20. Reasons adjectiveness shouldn't be a list consideration