1. Poetry is not supposed to be funny.
  2. And often isn't.
  3. Remembering that time that poem changed the world.
  4. Remembering that anyone remembering because they were there is dead.
  5. Too much Billy Collins, not enough Dean Young.
  6. Dean Young and Kevin Young are not, in fact, brothers.
  7. Not near enough people read Hoagland or Hicok.
  8. Or Wright of the Charles variety.
  9. Susan Howe.
  10. Michael Palmer.
  11. Ashbury. Ashbury. Bury the Ash.
  12. Berryman died young.
  13. Ginsburg didn't.
  14. Eliot gets way too much credit.
  15. Ashbury is spelled Ashbery.
  16. Whitman didn't know any better.
  17. Pound did, and did anyway.
  18. Zukofsky got the last letter in with A.
  19. Poetry serves its own ends with its means.
  20. Poetry cares not a whit what you think of it because it abides without you.