This was simple!
  1. Shameless (US)
    I forget the Gallaghers are not a real family. I worry for them. I cheer for them. I want to send them money or a bag of groceries. I want to be a Gallagher. The actors and actresses are big on talent and I find new things to notice.
  2. Girls (HBO)
    I forget the characters on Girls are not real. I worry about them. I cheer for them. I'm proud of Hannah Horvath. I'm proud of Sosh. I'm getting proud of Jessa and Todd, too. In early seasons, I mostly yelled at the characters spouting advice to keep them from making repeated mistakes. I love this show because of Lena Dunham. I forget that my friendship with Lena isn't real....yet!
  3. Ed
    This underrated NBC show starring Tom Cavanaugh was sweet and the location, a bowling alley with a law office. I did not think these characters were real but I loved the show anyway. It was witty and romantic with characters who weren't all beautiful. That was somewhat groundbreaking in 1999. This show was on before I had DVR service and I've never seen the show available on any streaming service. I think I'd like to see it again. Michael Ian Black.