She had some kind of acute illness yesterday that has her paralyzed. It may be temporary, or it may not. I'm thinking about all of the reasons she is so great.
  1. She's a drama queen.
    The BEST at sighing.
  2. She prances around the yard when she's looking for a poop-place.
  3. We trained her to sit and give us a paw in order to get a treat. Now that's her way of asking for a treat.
  4. She puts her paw around my leg when I sit next to her.
  5. When she's hungry, she comes up and sticks her cold nose right up in my face.
  6. She taps the door knob when she needs to go outside.
  7. She is such a snob that she has to have sunflower oil on her food before she eats.
    We started adding it to her food because she gets such dry skin. If I neglect to do it now, she gets all fussy and herds me toward the spot where the oil bottle is kept.
  8. She runs so fast and runs even faster if you clap for her.
  9. Sometimes we race to the couch. She lets me win so that she can pounce on me when I sit down.
  10. I can hear her excited cries from outside when I pull up in the driveway, even if I was only gone for 20 minutes.
  11. When she got sick yesterday, she got so scared. She kept looking at me to help. Her breathing always calmed down when she felt my hand on her stomach.
  12. She's trying so hard to help us as we try to help her.
    We have to flip her over every few hours so she doesn't get bed sores. She's being very cooperative.