My favorite under appreciated museum in New York.
  1. A small sample of photographer Emmitt Gowin's extensive moth collection.
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  2. Beethoven's crazed manuscript of his tenth and last piano and violin sonata. 😤
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  3. The security guard sternly told me to back up and not take pics but I snuck this quick, blurry shot when she wasn't looking. I just had to. It was a bit emotional for me to feel this close to old Johann and I needed a record of it.
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  4. Morgan was an avid collector of old ass seals. This is an imprint of one of my favorites. There are a few that have this similar theme actually. Because a good chunk of a Mesopotamian's day was spent chasing ostriches apparently.
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  5. Kinda can't believe how neat and fastidious Stravinsky's hand notation is. Possible serial killer.
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  6. So there's rich. And then there is FUUUUUUUU IM FUCKING JOHN PIERPONT MOTHERFUCKING MORGAN rich. Also, that woman on the right had a really cute dress on.
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