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Some days it's about the small stuff. This list is my daily dose of therapy
  1. Played bingo with my grandma (and won!)
    My grandma is the 93 year old that we all aspire to be. Still drives, still remembers our entire family's birthdays, still sharp as a tack. She's my favorite person
  2. Watched The Office
    The Office makes my depression/anxiety riddled afternoons turn around almost immediately
  3. Cooked a delicious dinner
    Salmon, honey glazed carrots, and mushroom risotto 🙌🏼
  1. Seinfeld
    Summer 2015 was completely consumed by Seinfeld on Hulu. Elaine Benes is my lady-crush/hero/life inspiration
  2. 30 Rock
    The theme song was once my ringtone & the cast picture was once my desktop background. My obsession is real and true ❤️
  3. Law & Order: SVU
    ...and now a complete 180 from my last 2 choices: SVU. Quite honestly this show is about terrible things and it makes me truly question humanity; but damn if I don't love it.
  1. Monday-Funday that turned into is belting Defying Gravity and the entire Rent soundtrack
  2. A perfect summer afternoon
  3. Taken during my first trip to Chicago. If I had the guts I'd move here in a heartbeat
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