My Criterion Collection Collection

With the Barnes & Noble biannual 50% off Criterion Collection sale going on, I'm hoping to use some gift cards to pick up a few additional titles. In the meantime, it is also an opportunity to inventory my personal collection thus far...
  1. My Own Private Idaho
  2. Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence
  3. Inside Llewyn Davis
  4. The Fisher King
  5. Time Bandits
  6. Stagecoach
  7. It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World
  8. Bottle Rocket
  9. Rushmore
  10. F for Fake
  11. The Royal Tenenbaums
  12. The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
  13. The Darjeeling Limited
  14. Fantastic Mr. Fox
  15. Moonrise Kingdom
  16. Head
  17. Easy Rider
  18. Five Easy Pieces
  19. Drive, He Said
  20. A Safe Place
  21. The Last Picture Show
  22. The King of Marvin Gardens