The day after Thanksgiving was a particularly lazy day for me. I had feasted on The Usual Thanksgiving Fare In My Family the day before and on Black Friday the feast continued, only this time it was for my eyes and ears and sometimes heart. Here's what I watched...
  1. W/Bob & David
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    I watched the last episode of this show, which was a "behind the scenes" ep. I found it very interesting to see how the writers worked together to map out the sketches. The actual show is fantastic as well. It's the perfect mix of clever, offensive, absurd & hilarious. Too bad there's only four episodes.
  2. People Places Things
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    Cute comedy about a cartoonist father dealing with being a dad and being a single person. If you like Jemaine Clement, you'll probably like this movie. I quite enjoyed it.
  3. The Wolfpack
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    These brothers are utterly fascinating. Kept inside their small nyc apartment for many years, they lived vicariously through the films they watched. They kept themselves busy recreating those films, line for line, until they began to wonder what would happen if they disobeyed their father's wishes and left the apartment.
  4. Call Me Lucky
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    Documentary about Barry Crimmins; a major part of the start of the Boston comedy scene in the 80s. He began as a comedian/political activist and later became an ambassador for the fight against child sexual abuse. Great doc that is unsettling at times but should be watched by all.
  5. Magnolia
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    I'm still processing this movie. I can't decide if it means that sometimes things happen for no reason and sometimes it's because one thing often leads to another and everything is connected or if it means nothing at all.
  6. The Walking Dead
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    It was the second to last episode of the first half of the most recent season. Without any spoilers: Somebody is disappointed in someone. Somebody else is looking for someone. Somebody is suspicious of some people. Nobody calls the zombies zombies.
  7. The Knick
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    Great show! Super dark with a pulse raising score. Crazy how much of these practices in early medicine are true.