1. "Cruel"/Strange Mercy
    "They could take or leave you, so they took you and they left you. How could they be so casually cruel? Bodies, can't you see what everybody wants from you. If you could want that too, then you'll be happy."
  2. "The Neighbors"/Actor
    "How can Monday be alright, then on Tuesday lose my mind? Tomorrow's some kind of stranger who I'm not supposed to see."
  3. "Teenage Talk"/Teenage Talk- Single
    "That's just teenage talk. I don't think the past is better, better. Just cuz it's cased in glass, protecting us from our now and laters."
  4. "Huey Newton"/St. Vincent
    "Entombed in a shrine of zeroes and ones, you know. You know. With father-less features, you mother-less creatures, you know. You know. In perpetual night, oh it's terribly frightening you know. You know. You got the pop and the hiss in the city of misfits you know. Safe, safe, and safest. Faith for the faithless. Dim, dim, and dimmer. Succor for sinners."
  5. "Jesus Saves, I Spend"/Marry Me
    "While Jesus is saving, I'm spending all my days in backgrounds and landscapes with the languages of saints. While people are spinning like toys on Christmas day, I'm inside a still life with the other absentee."
  6. "Oh My God"/Actor
    "The dishes in the sink don't care if I wake late. Or soak till the bath goes cold. Leave the bed unmade, cuz when the drink goes in the devil comes out. Days go by, still the past don't seem so far."
  7. "Rattlesnake"/St. Vincent
    "I see the snake holes dotted in the sand. As if Seurat painted the Rio Grande."
  8. "Just The Same But Brand New"/Actor
    "And I do my best impression of weightlessness now too, and I might be wrong, I might be wrong, I might be wrong. But honey I believed I could float away, dangling. I'm just the same, but brand new."
  9. "Now, Now"/Marry Me
    "I'm not the pawn to your kind. I'm not your world on a string. I'm not anyone you'll beat. I'm not Annie, Annie, Annie, anything."
  10. "Grot"/Krokodil
    "Power doesn't care what you want. Power just wants to watch. Power doesn't care what you need. As long as you're on your knees."
  11. "Severed Crossed Fingers"/St. Vincent
    "When your calling ain't calling back to you, I'll be side-stage mouthing lines for you. Humiliated by age, terrified of youth. I got hope, but my hope isn't helping you. Spitting our guts from their gears, draining our spleen over years. I found my severed crossed fingers in the rubble there."
  12. "Psychopath"/St. Vincent
    "Running down the highway like a psychopath. All the flames and fury honey at my back. Wanna make a bet whether I make it back? Cuz I'm on the edge of a heart attack."
  13. "Strange Mercy"/Strange Mercy
    "Oh little one, I'll tell you good news that I don't believe. If it would help you sleep. Strange mercy."
  14. "Paris Is Burning"/Marry Me
    "They say, I'm on your side when nobody is, cuz nobody is. Come sit right here and sleep while I slip poison in your ear."
  15. "All My Stars Aligned"/Marry Me
    "There are no signs, and there are no stars aligned. No amulets, not a charm will bring you back to my arms. There's just this human heart, it's built with this human flaw. What was your question? Love is the answer."
  16. "I Prefer Your Love"/St. Vincent
    "Mother won't you open your arms, and forgive me for all these bad thoughts? I'm blinded to the faces in the fog. But all the good in me's because of you, it's true. I prefer your love to Jesus."
  17. "Cheerleader"/Strange Mercy
    "I've played dumb when I knew better. Tried too hard just to be clever. I know honest thieves I call family. I've seen America with no clothes on. But I don't want to be a cheerleader no more."
  18. "Surgeon"/Strange Mercy
    "I spent the summer on my back. Another attack. Stay in just to get along. Turn off the TV, wade in bed. A blue and a red, a little something to get along."
  19. "Prince Johnny"/St. Vincent
    "But honey, don't mistake my intention for another spit-and-penny style redemption, cuz we're all sons of someones, we're all sons of someones. I wanna mean more than I mean to you. I wanna mean more than I meant to him. So I pray to all to make me a real girl."
  20. "Save Me from What I Want"/Actor
    "But I'm a wife in watercolor, I can wash away what seventeen cold showers couldn't wash away."
  21. "Champagne Year"/Strange Mercy
    "I make a living telling people what they want to hear. It's not a killing, but it's enough to keep the cobwebs clear."
  22. "Bad Believer"/St. Vincent
    "But now I'm not afraid, I know that love is stranger. Held up and writhing in the light. And no, I'm not ashamed. There really is no danger. Give me life. Give me life. Give me life."
  23. "Hysterical Strength"/Strange Mercy
    "Old man look at me through the teeth of your grief. Oh, don't grab more than you can stand to carry. Cuz you went off to see what no one else could see, and left more than we could stand to bury."
  24. "Marry Me"/Marry Me
    "Many people wanna make money, make love, make friends, make peace with death. But most mainly wanna win the game, they want to come out ahead."
  25. "The Strangers"/Actor
    "Desperate don't look good on you, neither does your virtue. Paint the black hole blacker. Paint the black hole blacker. Good souls have born better sons, better souls born worse ones."
  26. "This Wave"/Strange Mercy
    "I feel as guilty as Jiminy, and like a piggy-headed Yankee. But I did not see this wave coming, in time to wake you up. In time, in time to warn you of. In time, in time to pull you from it."
  27. "Digital Witness"/St. Vincent
    "People turn the TV on it looks just like a window. Get back to your stare. I care, but I don't care… Digital witnesses. What's the point of even sleeping? If I can't show it, you can't see me. What's the point of doing anything? What's the point of even sleeping? So I stopped sleeping, yeah I stopped sleeping. Won't somebody sell me back to me?"
  28. "Krokodil"/Krokodil
    "Shut up so I can think! Damn nerves, damn everything. Never was much for love. But you're mine of the shine of my bloody teeth!"
  29. "The Apocalypse Song"/Marry Me
    "All of your praying amounts to just one breath. Please, keep your victory, but give me little death… So take to the streets with apocalypse refrain. Your devotion has the look of a lunatic's gaze."
  30. "Marrow"/Actor
    "I wish I had a gentle mind and a spine made up of iron."
  31. "Regret"/St. Vincent
    "Morning pry the windows open. Let in what's so terrifying. Summer is as faded as a lone cicada cell. Memories so bright I gotta squint just to recall. Regret the words I've bitten, more than the ones I ever said."
  32. "The Party"/Actor
    "How did we get here with creaks in these chairs? There aren't enough hands to point all the fingers."
  33. "Birth In Reverse"/St. Vincent
    "Oh what an ordinary day. Take out the garbage, masturbate. I'm still holding for the laugh."
  34. "Every Tear Disappears"/St. Vincnet
    "Oh, a smile is more than showing teeth. It's not the potion, it's the magic that I seek. Every tear disappears. Every tear disappears. Oh, the more I struggle, the deeper in the pit. If I can show a hand, then I can show a fist."
  35. Giphy