Inspired by @franksars and others. I believe I'm super late to the party but I don't care.
  1. I believe The Hamburglar is the greatest play on words ever created.
  2. I believe cereal is a meal.
  3. I believe Ewan McGregor should have like 5 Oscars by now.
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    The Impossible. Trainspotting. I Love You Phillip Morris. Beginners. Moulin Rouge. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. Young Adam. Big Fish. Velvet Goldmine. Black Hawk Down. PICK ONE.
  4. I believe in colorful clothing.
  5. I believe happiness is a day to day conquest, not a constant state.
  6. I believe Blank Space is the greatest song on the radio.
  7. I believe that an awful situation can be alleviated with a simple shrugging of the shoulders and moving on/pushing through.
    This has actually helped a lot with my anxiety.
  8. I believe that there is no such thing as "acting your age."
    I'm a senior in college and I started my day watching SpongeBob and playing Pokemon while simultaneously shopping for a car.
  9. I believe I was born to write whether or not anybody likes it.
  10. I believe all CBS shows are cheesy garbage.
  11. I believe in the power of smiles (mantra).
  12. I believe that I can be the best version of myself, and if people still don't like me that's their problem.
  13. I believe true friends are people you can have an open conversation about poop with.
  14. I believe in the stars.
    (30 Rock reference)