1. Musicals
    Hamilton?? I have no idea what it is but I keep hearing about it! Wicked?? Nope! That's about all I can name. I saw a VHS of Cats when I was younger, had nightmares for like a month. How do people know so much about these, don't these kinds of shows only show in NYC? Does everybody else live in NYC?
  2. The Stock Market
    And I couldn't care less either. I think it's stupid and those kinds of careers that just revolve around making money bore me. How can anybody be passionate about that? Whatever. I don't want to start investing in stuff ever because it seems too complicated and you have to know a bunch of terms and blech!
  3. Classic Sitcoms
    I hate those old sitcoms. Like, the oldest show I like is probably Friends. And that's not even 20 yet I don't think. Or maybe it is. Still, I find the humor dated, and the acting way too over the top, and I can't watch those multi-camera, studio audience type shows anymore, I'm so sick of that.
  4. Fashion
    Which is ironic because I'm modeling in a fashion show tonight at my friend's school. But yeah, I haven't a clue about trends or colors or ruffles. I think fashion is cool and important even though it can be extremely nonsensical, but I don't know how to keep up on it. Magazines? Fashion websites? Project Runway?
  5. Books
    I don't know like any authors. It's not that I don't like reading books, it's just that I hate wasting time on reading a book and then it turns out to be boring. And I'm a slow reader, so if I read a bad book it's like; where did that month go? You watch a bad movie, it's like 2-hours max. I also have the tiniest attention span, so I can't really take it all in without losing interest. I can talk about works that I have read though! I love Kathryn Harrison's "The Kiss", I read that for a class.
  6. The News
    Basically what I'm saying is, I don't read. Do I feel bad about it? I used to, but then I was like, what does it matter? I'm an idiot, but I don't go spreading my opinions like they're facts. If I'm uneducated about something, I stay in my lane.
  7. Finding New Music
    I can't listen to a lot of stuff, I like what I've already familiarized myself with. I'll find like one new song maybe every week and then obsess over it, but not continue seeking out other things like that. It's WORK to build a diverse music library. And I like sticking with my T-Swift, Beyoncé, Feist, Lana Del Rey, St. Vincent, and Perfume Genius.